A bot in your pocket.

Say hello to Addikt – the most advanced, lightning fast bot to date. With our robust cutting edge back-end and simple interface, this bot is made to last.

Purchase license, and get free updates for a lifetime.

One-time purchase. No subscription. Free updates. Each license can be used once per device. Available only for IOS.

Make every
drop yours.

Shoes, clothing, art, accessories
and more.

Everything you need to evaluate NFTs.

Discover New Opportunities

Be ahead of the curve and know about all upcoming projects before they have minted (We also get our users access to exclusive whitelists!)

Perform Due Diligence

Get intensive breakdowns on all NFT collections and see all the data you need to make sure your making a smart investment

Rarity Sniper!

Our rarity sniper will tell you when there is any great deals available and let you ensure your getting the rarest NFT in your budget. Also see token breakdowns for every project!

Wallet Analysis

Track, watch, copy trades and much more is possible with our fully fledged wallet portfolio tracking so you can follow the smart money

Custom Alerts

Set up push notifications for new mints, project movement, buying and selling activity, wallet movements plus much more.

Discord Support

Get realtime help, updates and access to a range of tools and channels that will further your profits

Supporting over 100 of your favorite online retailers.

Addikt is a software that increases your chances on purchasing limited stock items like footwear, apparel, and accessories from 85 online hyped retailers.

Frequently Asked Questions.

  • Is the bot easy to set up?

    Yes, the bot includes written and video guides on every part of the bot and we also provide 24/7 support if you get stuck with anything.

  • How often do you update Addikt?

    Addikt is updated on a regular basis, usually weekly.

  • What is Addikt?

    Addikt is the most advanced iOS bot on the market. With support on over 85 of your favorite retailers and endless features to ensure you get that purchase, stop paying resale and never miss a limited release ever again.

  • What countries does Addikt support?

    Addikt supports all countries that are supported by Supreme, Shopify & Yeezy Supply.

  • What stores do you support?

    We support over 85 stores you can find a whole list here.

  • Does Addikt have renewals?

    No Addikt does not have any renewal fees.