A bot in your pocket.

Say hello to Addikt – the most advanced, lightning fast bot to date. With our robust cutting edge back-end and simple interface, this bot is made to last.

How Addikt it works
Bot Features

Features you’ll like

We take pride in our back-end technology that goes into Addikt and it’s loaded with special features.

Unlimited Tasks

Run as many tasks as you want, so you never miss an item.

Captcha Solver

Easily solve any captcha with the in-app captcha solver.

Request Based

We use advanced technology to make sure if a site goes down we still cop no matter what.

Pooky Bypass

We have successfully bypassed Supreme’s anti-bot, meaning no getting detected!

Lightning Fast

Speed is crucial, which is why we’ve ensured our bot is blazing fast.

Unlimited updates

Get access to a lifetime of free continuous updates.

Human Mimicking

We use top of the line tech to ensure you’re not seen as a bot.

Re-Stock Mode

Missed the drop? No problem, sit back and let the bot cop restocks for you.

24/7 Support

Need any help? Message our 24/7 support team and we will assist you every step of the way.

How it Works

Make every drop yours.

Shoes, clothing, art, accessories, and more.


You will receive an instant download link containing your unique key after purchase. Download the app and enter your key.


After installation, you’ll need to setup your first task. Using our set-up guides, you’ll be ready to run your first task in minutes!.


It’s as easy and simple as that. Now you can cop every release retail. From Yeezy to Supreme, we have you covered.

IOS Features

Shop remotely from your Iphone.

Shop remotely from your Iphone.

Easy interface

Our simple interface makes it easy to navigate within our app.

Quick tasks setup

Getting ready for a release? Select from 85 of our supported retailers and setup your task.

Live status tracking

Track your tasks status in real time within our app directly on your phone.


Frequently Asked Questions

Addikt is the most advanced iOS bot on the market. With support on over 85 of your favorite retailers and endless features to ensure you get that purchase, stop paying resale and never miss a limited release ever again.

Addikt supports all countries that are supported by Supreme and Shopify.

Addikt is updated on a regular basis, usually monthly.

Our product is digital therefore all sales are final and non-refundable.

Addikt currently only supports IOS.

We suport over 85 stores you can find a whole list here.

Yes, we have an auto solve service.

Yes we do, they are provided every week.

Yes, the bot includes a written guide that will explain everything in detail.

No Addikt does not have any renewal fees.

We offer support via Discord, email and Twitter. Our support team will help you set the bot up before releases.

Average time is 30 minutes.

A discord is provided to customers upon purchasing Addikt, we provide support and suggested release help. Please keep in mind, this discord does NOT have any relation to your purchase of Addikt. Losing access to discord is not our responsibility.